Futuristic Depp flick unnerving

If you love technology, science fiction and Johnny Depp, you are likely to enjoy the movie “Transcendence.”

Set in a futuristic time, Dr. Will Caster is about to make a breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology. His creation is a machine that knows everything that has ever been known, with an array of human emotions.

Although his experiments have made him famous, they also are very controversial, making him the target of an anti-technology group known as the Revolutionary Independence From Technology, or R.I.F.T.

Caster works with his wife Evelyn and his best friend Max Waters. Evelyn wants to create a better world, free of pollution and toxicity, and Max is the programmer for the project.

After a speech, Caster is shot by a R.I.F.T. member and only has a month to live because the bullet was tainted with poison.

Frantic and not willing to lose her husband, Evelyn uploads his emotions to the AI they have been researching. After Caster dies, Evelyn becomes frustrated that she cannot get the AI to work.

After what seems like failure, a message and a fragmented voice calls out to Evelyn from the computer. She is overjoyed, but when Will defragments himself, and requests more power and to be connected to the Internet, Max immediately realizes this is a bad idea.

Before long, R.I.F.T. catches wind of the experiment from stolen material in Will’s lab.

Meanwhile, Will transfers money from his and Evelyn’s account and tells Evelyn to move to a rundown area called Brightwood for safety. Although it seems wonderful at first, Evelyn then starts to become doubtful of how strong Will is becoming.

The idea of having a machine with human emotions and being able to hack into data in a split second is almost unnerving to think about. Imagine if this were the future and people could upload their lost loved ones. Not only is that creepy; it’s a total loss of privacy.

The movie “Transcendence,” created in 2014 and directed by cinematographer Wally Pfister and written by Jack Paglen, was given 4.6 out of 10 stars on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb gave the movie 6.3 out of 10 stars.

I really liked this movie. It made me think about how powerful technology could actually be. The graphics were great and the storyline was different. “Transcendence” is rated PG-13 and is available on Netflix DVD.

Rating: A

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