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Future Alumni Network club wants you

The Future Alumni Network is seeking to expand its club this semester, said Alumni Relations Coordinator Randy Cassimus.

“The FAN Club is a student organization … designed to give students [the] opportunity to build networking connections,” he said.

Cassimus said the FAN Club connects students with OCCC alumni members in the community. He said the club enables its members to build leadership skills by networking students with community leaders, such as business leaders and engineers.

The FAN Club was formed last fall. Although it is a new club, Cassimus said there are about 15 active members. He said there are benefits to joining the club.

“The members of the club … wind up getting access to opportunities that people who aren’t members won’t have access to,” he said.

Cassimus said the FAN Club hosts guests speakers each month, allowing its members to gain beneficial experience through one-on-one interaction with alumni leaders.

Because of its tie-in with the OCCC Alumni Association, he said, the FAN Club has more people at its disposal to complete large-scale service projects. This semester, Cassimus said, the FAN Club will engage in a campuswide fundraiser but said he could not disclose any further details just yet.

Last semester, Cassimus said FAN Club members were special guests at the Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. He said each FAN Club member sat with an inductee whose career corresponded with his or her major.

FAN Club president Anna Morgan said it was a great experience.

“The Hall of Fame banquet was the biggest thing for us,” Morgan said.

She said the organization has allowed her to connect with alumni members she wouldn’t otherwise have had access to.

Cassimus said listing the FAN Club on a résumé can potentially benefit future employment opportunities, especially when an employer is part of the OCCC Alumni Association.

The first FAN Club meeting is at 11 a.m. Monday, Jan. 27. Cassimus said the meeting location is currently undetermined, but he can be contacted at 405-682-1611, ext. 7478, for more information.

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