Flag football on campus

September 27, 2012 Sports Print Print

The OCCC Intramural Flag Football League is scheduled to begin Sept. 28 on the football field of the southwest side of campus. The games will take place every Friday until Oct. 26. Registration for the league is still open until Oct. 12.

Eight-on-eight flag football is very popular around the OCCC Campus.

It brings an opportunity to compete against your peers. Each team will play eight-on-eight on an 80 yard by 40 yard field. Teams will play six games plus the playoffs. The games will have two eighteen minute quarters and there will be referees on site, according to imleagues.com

To sign up for the league, students must visit imleagues.com to register for a team. Players can create their own team or join another team as a free agent.

Currently there are only two teams officially signed up for the league.

imleagues.com shows The Thirsty Camels and OCCC Yardogz are the only teams registered on the team rosters.

With only two teams currently signed up for the league, it is unsure if the Recreation and Fitness Department are still planning on continuing the league.

“I don’t want to comment on anything right now just know we are working on it,“ Recreation and Fitness Specialist Eric Watson said.

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