Fitness classes free to all OCCC students

Wellness Center

Students wanting to get in better shape can now do that through free group fitness classes offered at OCCC.

OCCC Health and Fitness Specialist Carole Valentine, who oversees the group fitness classes, said there are 15 different types of classes offered at various times throughout the week in areas such as yoga, cardio, weightlifting and dancing. In all, she said, 31 classes are available.

Valentine said all of the classes are held on a drop-in basis.

“On any given day, someone who’s a regular to the class may or may not come because they have a meeting,” she said. “It’s a very flexible type program.”

She said class size varies as well.

“We are a college, so based on the class schedules and work schedules, there is always an ebb and flow as far as how many come.”

Valentine said an improved, healthy lifestyle can lead to better mental health. The fitness classes are great for those students who want to get active and improve their lifestyle, she said. All that’s needed is a valid OCCC ID.

“Obviously everyone knows that health and fitness go hand in hand,” she said.

“Our programming seems a little bit small, but for those individuals [who] come once or twice or three times a week, that acts as a stress reliever for them, be it a student or be it an employee.”

Nursing major Rachel Hare said she is taking advantage of the free program with fellow nursing students Kerry Curtis and Ginnifer Fenwick.

“We love yoga, but we wouldn’t have been able to afford it before,” Hare said.

Fenwick said she, Hare, Curtis joined the Flow Yoga class soon after OCCC decided to make them free of charge. She said the trio have seen steady improvements in their school work since taking part in the class.

“I would go as far as to say our test scores have even gotten a little bit better because of this class,” Fenwick said. “We were far less stressed when we went in to sit for our exam Tuesday than we were the last time we sat for a test.”

Curtis agreed.

“It’s like we’re going to pay to be stressed out but at least they give us therapy,” she said.

Community members must still purchase a four-month group fitness pass for $125.

For more information about the classes and programming, contact Valentine at, or 405-682-1611 ext. 7662.

For more about enrollment, contact Recreation and Fitness Secretary Laura Swain at

To contact Clayton Mitchell, email sportswriter@occc.edy

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