First ‘TRON’ revolutionary for its time

It is evident why Jeff Bridges was asked to return for “Tron: Legacy” because his performance was a light in an otherwise bleak film in the original “Tron.”

Although this film’s special effects were raved about during its release in 1982, as the years pass, this movie quickly becomes less impressive.

Along with the outdated special effects, the costumes are laughable.

Twisted into a confusing plot, which jumps between two ill-defined worlds, is a love triangle between the three main protagonists, which has unanswered loose ends.

The only way to get through this movie is waiting for Jeff Bridges’ strategically placed humor.

Scattered within the extremely outdated movie is a warning that technology may one day run our lives.


Sadly, this moral was much more effectively communicated by the more highly appreciated movie “The Terminator” just two years later.

Unfortunately even with a bottle of pinot grigio, this movie was unpleasant to sit through.

Being born eight years after the release of this film could taint this hopeless film review.

Keeping in mind that the special effects were ahead of their time and they were acclaimed brilliant for the early ’80s, not viewing it until after witnessing modern-day videogaming films, does require a slight thumbs-up.

Rating: D-

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