Fenty: The Makeup for 2017

The foundation that love built is at Sephora.
As a person whose isn’t really that into makeup, I have found myself entering a store plagued by enthusiasts.  I had not considered even entering the mall in the past due to my moral restrictions and the constant reminder that money doesn’t grow on trees.
However, on this particular occasion I decided to enter the cesspool most call “middle class America’s shopping center.”

Aurora Devine's makeup collection. Photo provided Aurora Devine.
Aurora Devine’s makeup collection. Photo provided Aurora Devine.

I chose to do this because Rihanna’s newest make-up brand had pulled me into the hype.
Upon hearing about the Fenty line of 40 different shades I thought “here we go, another trend,” but there was something different about this particular line.
I don’t know if it’s my hunger for revenge against people who try to manipulate cultures for profit, if it’s my love of Rihanna or maybe both.
Regardless, I made the choice to take my broke, college student money to the mall just to find the foundation I heard so much about.

Walking into Sephora, with my boyfriend trailing behind, I searched aisle after aisle until I found it, the oasis of makeup among orange tinted other stuff for sale.

That could be harsh, but in my defense make-up brands usually cater to three skin tones: orange pale, “beige,” and mocha (which always turns out to be a light off brown).

So I was ready to be able to select my odd olive/pale skin tone out amongst the 40 other shades. After using the foundation for roughly a week my face has not broken out as usually, so that’s a good sign.

Not only that, but to apply the foundation is quite simple, it doesn’t really stick to the brush, and it glides on smoothly providing a real blend on your skin.

I don’t know who else has ever had “clown face,” where there is a line meeting on your neck and jawline where your makeup SHOULD have blended, but I have.

It’s embarrassing, and it honestly shouldn’t happen with the right shade, so thankfully Rihanna’s brand pulled through.

What this all boils down to is the sloppiness in the makeup industry, and the attitude most corporations have where they basically say, “we’re rich, we made the product no matter how crap, and those suckers will buy it.”

I think Rihanna caught onto that trend, as a business person, and saw a growth market by instead catering to customers needs.

Several other vendors began scrambling to get more inclusive makeup after Fenty’s drop earlier in September. Including the infamous, Kylie Jenner’s line who decided to market a darker skin tone not even a week after Rihanna released hers.

What can I say, it pays to be inclusive.

As for my brand of foundation I chose my shade (200) at my local Sephora store, and I can pair it with any of the other Fenty products available, or dollar store makeup.

It’s extremely versatile, and you can tell the two years of work put into this makeup line was worth it.

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