Female football fan anxiously awaits Redskins-Cowboys matchup

Being a football fanatic is no easy task for the female gender. Guys either take you as a “stupid girl” who knows nothing or are thoroughly impressed by your knowledge of said sports.

Growing up on the east coast, 30 miles south of D.C. dubbed me a Washington Redskins fan. The NFL was the highlight of high school lunches during the fall. Jason, a friend, and I would chant the Redskins’ victory song every Friday and Monday regardless of a win or loss the day before.

It wasn’t until after I proved my vast knowledge of the NFL in general that I was able to chant along with Jason and chime in to the football discussions. Girl friends of mine would sit there rolling their eyes with the expression written on their faces of, “Here Sarah goes again.”

Prior to moving to the southwest, I knew I was in for it being a Redskins fan in Dallas Cowboys territory. Turns out my roommate and her family were probably the greatest Cowboys fans I ever met.

Living in Cowboys territory almost makes being a Redskins fan 10 times better. Being able to defend my team and rub it in the Cowboys fans’ faces when we win is priceless.

Here in Oklahoma you run across many people who root for a various amount of NCAA or NFL teams. But the majority of people I know here are college football fans. It was definitely strange to go from a purely NFL-centered area to college fanatics.

My obsession of football began when I entered high school. My sister and I made it a point to go to at least one Redskins game every season. Having just come back from FedEx Field watching my boys barely squeeze by the Arizona Cardinals, it’s like a cliffhanger for the next game, which so happens to be against the Cowboys.

Many would agree that the Redskins, Cowboys match ups are the climax of the season no matter which conference, division or team you root for.

Although, there is no doubt I will be highly upset if my boys lose Monday night currently being No. 1 in our division, may the best team win! Cough, Hail to the Redskins, cough.

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