Fast Track, 8-week classes deadlines near

Returning students can enroll for Spring 2013 classes beginning Monday, Oct. 8, said Associate Registrar Megan Hornbeek.

And students wanting to pick up a Fast Track or 8-week class for the current semester need to be aware of upcoming deadlines.

Hornbeek said Oct. 6 is the last day to enroll in Fast Track session two, Oct. 17 is the deadline for late 8-weeks enrollment and Nov. 17 is the last day students can enroll in Fast Track session three classes.


Students may search for available classes via MineOnline.

“Registration for fall classes began in March so some are likely to be full.”

However, Hornbeek said, students shouldn’t give up hope.

“Students are constantly adding and dropping classes, so students should use MineOnline as a resource to see if seats open up in a full class.”

Hornbeek said students with any type of hold will not be able to self enroll.

She said early enrollment is ideal to ensure students get the classes they want.

“Early registration means that students know in advance what classes they are going to take which allows for planning in regards to purchasing books,” Horbeek said.

“Another huge benefit is beating the peak lines in January.”

Business major Colby Morgan said enrolling early is something he definitely encourages.

“I learned the hard way to enroll early in the classes you really need,” Morgan said.

“Now I make sure I enroll as soon as it’s available.”

Hornbeek said new and first semester students are asked to enroll in person.

“All new students need to be advised by the Advising Office prior to coming to Registration for enrollment in their first semester classes,” Hornbeek said.

Open registration, which includes new students, will begin Oct. 15.

For all of the college’s registration dates and deadlines, students may pick up a hard copy of the 2012-2013 Catalog or can access it online at www.

Deadlines are listed on pages 8 and 9 of the catalog.

For more information, call 405-682-7535.

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