Fast Lane’s good for basic repairs

While on the way to class last week, my Jeep made a clunking noise when I applied the brakes.

Since I live near Edmond, it seemed best to get my vehicle checked out by a mechanic before making the drive to OCCC.

Fast Lanes at 2025 N 142nd St. was nearby, so I went there.

Gary, the manager, greeted me outside the bay doors with a smile. I’ve been a customer there for a long time.

The clunk was as audible outside of the SUV as it was from inside, so they put it up on the lift and removed the wheels. The pads were fine, but a brake caliper was broken. If I had driven to class instead of getting it checked, it could have caused an accident.

I like the fact that Fast Lanes has a clean waiting area with a television and playroom for the kids. They come in periodically to keep you updated on the progress of your vehicle and will never complete any work without first having you approve it.

They show you the bad parts so you can see the actual damage that was done.

Whenever they work on my vehicle, they also do a check on the fluids, lights, belts, and hoses. I feel safer knowing they are paying attention to details.

Safety for employees and customers is a priority, so they have numerous procedures in place. It shows me they take their work very seriously.

After the brake was repaired, I was given a ticket for a free car wash. This is something else that I’ve come to like about having them do my repairs.

I usually have them wash the outside, wipe down the dash and trim work inside, and vacuum the floorboards and mats.

My car is usually cleaner afterwards than it was before. After they apply a choice of scents, it smells wonderful, too.

The price is reasonable, especially considering what you get for what you pay. My only complaint is that they are limited on the types of repairs they do.

Even so, I’d recommend this garage if you are in need of basic repairs. I was out the door for less than $100.

Rating: A-

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