False alarm prompts evacuation at Family and Community Education Center

Students of the Family and Community Education Center were forced to leave the building when a child accidentally set off a fire alarm pull station June 9 at the center.

“One of the kids bumped into [the pull station] coming in from outside recess,” Director of Community Outreach and Education Jessica Martinez-Brooks said.

Brannon Dresel, Community Education coordinator, said the child then accidentally set off the main fire alarm as he was trying to reset the activated pull station.

Accidental fire alarm activation has happened twice since the F.A.C.E center opened, Martinez-Brooks said.

“Whether it is accidental, real, or a drill-we need to be prepared,” Dresel said.

Dresel said the alarm was not a hindrance to the educational process. He said the event helped better prepare those at the center to carry out the evacuation procedures in any circumstance. When the fire alarm is activated, everyone evacuates the building until security is notified and allows everyone to move back inside, Dresel said.

“Once all the alarms were reset all the children were allowed back into the building to continue with classes,” Officer Tanya Vroenen said in the report.

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