Fallin fails with medical pot

In a press conference Aug. 13, Gov. Mary Fallin announced her support for medical marijuana — almost. In a desperate attempt to pander to a growing number of voters who’ve been loudly voicing support for the decriminalization of marijuana, Fallin said she’ll be urging legislators to support the use of non-intoxicating cannabinoid oil or CBD on a “limited, medically supervised, trial only basis,” according to a release from the governor’s office.

CBD is a compound derived from marijuana said to have multiple medicinal benefits without the side effect of being stoned, according to news source kjhr.com. It is commonly administered in liquid form.

Fallin is racing to stay ahead of the curve in which petitions to legalize medical marijuana have already been circulated by the Oklahomans For Health organization.

It’s her attempt to curtail a charge toward compassionate healthcare that’s been recently spearheaded by State Sen. Constance Johnson.

Remaining true to the uninformed values of her usual supporters though, Fallin stands adamantly against adults being able to choose what goes into their bodies.

“I do not support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana,” Fallin said. “Nor do I support a broadly-defined ‘medicinal’ marijuana use that makes it easy for healthy adults and teenagers to find and buy drugs.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention ranks Oklahoma ninth in overdose deaths from pain relievers but Mary Fallin stands firm that she won’t allow these deadly, commonly abused painkillers to be replaced by a substance that’s non-lethal in any volume.

While touting a “small government” platform in 2013, she signed a statute into effect allowing Oklahoma drivers with “any detectable amount of THC and/or its inactive metabolites in his/her blood, saliva, or urine” to be charged with DUI.

THC of course remains in one’s body for up to 30 days after smoking or ingesting marijuana. If it’s been a month since you had your kicks in some foreign place where this terrifying, communist substance is the law of the land and by some circumstance you’ve inhaled the devil smoke of it, Fallin wants you in jail before you can infect the rest of the state’s wholesome populace with your counter-culture ideals.

Fallin wants a “trial-basis” of CBD even after more than 65 years of diligent research into the medicinal use of marijuana. Her camp has yet to state which company might obtain contracts to provide Oklahoma with CBD but one can speculate Mary won’t be picking it up at Ziggy’s.

Suspect the presence of some pharmaceutical company lurking about the governor’s mansion already.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has been experimenting in this field since the ’70s and has yet to release any cannabinoid-based drugs. During the Bush administration however, Pfizer provided research to suggest that marijuana offered no substantial medical benefits. Pfizer went on to market billions of dollars of their miracle cure Viagra.

The implications of Fallin’s announcement have yet to be seen. What’s clear is that even the most adamant opponents of marijuana are being pushed to react to an overwhelming call for sensible drug laws.

Don’t be fooled by cheap antics. Fallin has no concern for the personal freedoms of her constituents. Mary Fallin simply offers policy for sale in Oklahoma.

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