Fall classes filling fast as summer ends

June and July have been busy months in the Office of Academic Advising.

Summer classes are quickly coming to an end, and for those who have not yet enrolled for fall semester, it is important to get enrolled as soon as possible.


Classes will be filling up soon and optimal times and days for those on a restricted schedule will be difficult to find soon.

Likewise, for students planning to attend in the fall, this is a great time to meet with one of the faculty advisers working in our office for the summer semester.

Faculty advisers can help you in the selection of your faculty-approved electives, career exploration and a variety of other needs particular to your major.

For international students who will be traveling within the U.S. and abroad this summer, it is important to come in and meet with an academic adviser to set up your fall courses.

By doing so, international students ensure their enrollment and degree/course planning is done and they can spend the rest of their summer worry free about finding the appropriate courses at the right times for their schedules.

Students who wait until the last minute to enroll may find that class availability at times that are convenient with their work and personal schedules are more difficult to find.

Enrolling early also allows you to ask important questions and get informed responses.

Students often want to know: What classes do I have left to take? Can I take an intersession course? What is online coursework like, and is there online help if I have trouble? Can I enroll online? Do I need to test for course placement? When do I apply for graduation?

These are all questions the Office of Academic Advising can help you to get the answers to.

Therefore, planning ahead and meeting with an academic adviser now may ensure optimal course placement and course availability.

To set up an appointment for summer to meet with an academic adviser or a faculty adviser call 405-682-7535.

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