Extent of OCCC storm damage revealed

A tornado that moved through the south side of the Oklahoma City Metro on Friday, May 31, left a path of damage across the city with OCCC being hard hit by the storm.

A notification sent out to students and faculty on June 2 informed them the campus would be closed until June 10 so the damage could be repaired.

Marketing and Public Relations Director Cordell Jordan said flooding became a concern for much of the campus as heavy rainfall poured in through the damaged roof.

He spoke about the damage.

“The hardest hit areas are going to be in the Main Building, first and foremost,” he said. “The roof was torn over IT (Information Technology), the area on the second floor.

“And then below that is Records and Student Services. That’s the area where we had most of the water coming in through the ceiling and pooling down on the main level,” Jordan said.

“The other area that was hardest hit was the Social Sciences hallway. They had groundwater flooding. That includes the Aquatic Center.”

Groundwater flooding typically occurs in low-lying areas, according to http://wa.water.usgs.gov. The Social Sciences hallway is one of a few low-lying areas like this in the college.

Jordan said several other areas in the school were damaged by the heavy rainfall and tornado though none as badly the Main Building.

“… There were areas like the College Union (that were damaged),” he said. “The roof over the President’s office area (was damaged) — not his office specifically — and spotty leaks here and there.

“In the SEM center there was a pretty significant leak,” Jordan said.

“There was also a window blown out in the John Massey Center and a window blown out in Transportation Technology.”

OCCC officials are taking steps to ensure the damage is being fixed, he said.

“TRC is the recovery company that is working on remediating the building. They have generator blowers outside … to blow air in, to dry things out.”

TRC Disaster Solution is an Oklahoma-based company. Their website describes the company as “a full-service restoration company ready at a moment’s notice to provide a wide range of disaster solutions with specialized protocols to meet specific requirements resulting from Fire, Water, Tornado, Hurricane or other disaster.”

According to www.mesonet.org, a weather website the monitors weather nationwide, more than eight inches of rain has fallen in Oklahoma City over the past seven days.



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