Everything that can go down goes down

Recently, “Game of Thrones” season six concluded, and this season was spectacular.

Over the break between Spring and Summer semesters, I started Game of Thrones entirely after of a friendly suggestion.

I’m sure if you’ve seen the show.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow he watched 55 hour-long episodes in three weeks?”

gameofthronesYes, I instantly realized I had been missing out big time.

I’m not someone who’s into medieval shows or even movies at that.

I personally prefer series or movies about more modern times or sports.

At first, I was in it completely to see dragons terrorize cities, but it’s more than that.

The twists and turns keep you hooked, and you will never know who’s going to get murdered next.

The key to watching “Game of Thrones” is to attempt not to become attached to any character because there’s about a 20 – 30 percent chance they will be murdered by the end of a season. But honestly, it’s incredibly difficult not to become attached to some characters.

I was genuinely scared during episode nine of this past season because everything crazy that could have gone down, definitely went down.

Daenerys Targaryen came back to defend her newly acquired city of Meereen and of course pulled back up with her Dragons right behind her to light all the opposing ships on fire. And the army of Dothraki led by Daario Naharis is down to kill the rebels flooding the city as well.

The moment that scared me the most was Jon Snow’s siege of Winterfell and his attempt to get his brother back from Ramsey Bolton.

Unfortunately, Jon could only accomplish one of the two.

During the siege, Jon and his army of Wildlings and soldiers left over from Stanis Baratheon’s army were closed in by Bolton’s army, and it looked to be the end of Jon Snow.

Then out of nowhere Lord Baelish’s army rolled up and leveled the playing field, and gave Jon and his troops the push they needed to overthrow Ramsey Bolton of Jon’s rightful castle.

If you have not watched “Game of Thrones” or this previous season, you are missing out because the best way to put it into words is lit like a room full of candles.

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