Everyone needs the Flipboard app

FlipboardWhen I introduced the app Flipboard to a few of my peers, I was actually shocked that they had never heard of it.

Unless you live under some sort of digital rock, Flipboard is the premier aesthetic news app on mobile devices.

The app allows you to subscribe to any number of things or publications.

For instance, if you love the NBA like I do, you subscribe to Flipboard’s NBA tag, which aggregates lots of sources for NBA news.

Or, if you just love a single publication, let’s say Esquire or NPR, you can subscribe to those as well.

The latest thing the app has done is allow users to put a bunch of articles into a “magazine,” but I personally think that’s useless and haven’t used that very much.

I use Flipboard every day.

I wake up and read it with my breakfast; it is literally my newspaper. Users ‘flip’ pages, hence the name.

The best thing about Flipboard though? It just looks really, really nice. On my huge iPhone 6+, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Practically any source is on this app as well.

The variety of topics is staggering, with everything from philosophy posts about the humanity of the Nazis to Rolling Stone articles decrying the right wing’s latest mess up.

Did I mention it’s pretty?

Plus, the shareability is amazing.

You can easily share the link to Facebook, Twitter or save it to your Pocket (another amazing app).

The app only occasionally glitches and there are some more specific sources that are lacking (for example, the “big 12 football” tag is almost completely barren).

This app, for me, however, is leaps and bounds ahead of almost any other news-aggregating app because it allows you to control the content so much, and also because it is extremely functional and easy to use.

This free app is available on Android and Apple products, but not Windows phones. You should feel bad for using one of those anyway.

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