ESPN gives viewers skewed, superficial sports news

ESPNPersonally, I am a sports junkie. I love almost all sports equally, from the NFL to the annual cheese rolling competition in Gloucester, England. As it is the biggest sports news provider, I keep up with my sports primarily through ESPN.

Most of ESPN’s popularity comes from its sports news and analysis, which is displayed through shows such as Sportscenter and other sport-specific shows.

ESPN prides itself in being the premier sports news provider, spreading their brand through the Internet, mobile apps, radio and eight television channels in addition to the original.

Unfortunately, ESPN’s sports news is why I am reviewing them. Whether it be on television or on the Internet, ESPN’s coverage is sometimes skewed for popularity — and superficial.

For those who remember Tim Tebow aka, God’s gift to the planet Earth, as he is still viewed by many at ESPN, he is a prime example.

Tebow, an NFL quarterback who was average at best, dominated ESPN headlines for the better part of five years during his college and short-lived NFL career. Once it was determined that Tebow was a good person (which I will not argue), as well as a decent athlete, coverage of his every move was front-page news.

From his touchdown pass to his sandwich of choice, I know way too much about such an average player.

The same is true with other players, such as Johnny Manziel, Lebron James (or the entire team he plays for), as well as overly popular organizations.

Realistically, I should be mad at the viewers. ESPN feeds its viewers, giving them what they ask for and, for some reason, they asked for more Tim Tebow.

I can understand ESPN catering to viewers, I just wish the viewers were not so dumb.

I suppose what I am asking for is that ESPN give me more real news and less junk. Legitimate sports news does come from ESPN, but sometimes it is just buried under mind-numbing journalism diarrhea — not to the extent of a TMZ or E! News, but it’s headed there.

 Rating: C

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