Equal opportunity and rights for all

Certain political hot-button issues are unavoidable not only in politics but popular culture in general, creating deep running divisions between sides.

One such topic is gay marriage — in particular, New York legalizing gay marriage.

The battle for New York waged on, laden with closed discussions and the promise of a conclusive decision.

Whichever way, it is demoralizing for one side and a victorious leap for the other.

Since New York legalized gay marriage, it is the sixth and easily the most influential state to join the cause.

Frankly, the fact that it’s such an issue is insulting to our U.S. Constitution. It is the height of hubris to think one has the right to tell another what they can or can’t pursue in their own pursuit of happiness.

It is not the place of any human to attack or condemn another’s way of living.

Every breathing person is entitled to his or her perspective. It is only logical to live by your own standards and moral code. It’s also one’s prerogative to believe homosexuality is wrong just as its one’s prerogative to live a homosexual lifestyle.

What is nobody’s right is to legislate personal, moral agendas and impose those convictions on others.

Unfortunately we live within the bounds of human nature and it is our nature to judge what is different and reject someone’s “other-ness,” exemplified by David Tyree, former New York Giants football player, who in a CNN interview spewed controversial bigotry, “If they pass this gay marriage bill … it will be the beginning of our country sliding to anarchy. It will eventually lead to lawlessness.”

A statement such as this only highlights ignorance. Realistically, it’s time to step back and re-examine our political and moral tirades.

What actual damage will be done to someone’s heterosexual relationship if a homosexual couple has a marriage license?

It’s hard to see what the fear is here. Are we afraid if we legalize it, everyone is going to “catch the gay?” Maybe it will spread like wildfire or be like the black plague, infecting all society and destroying life as we know it, leaving civilization on its knees at the mercy of the homosexual community.

Blatantly put, as a whole, it’s all absurd.

Religious and personal convictions aside, it should be the pursuit and hope of all society that everyone has equal opportunity and rights — mainly because no one wants to be on the other side of inequality.

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