‘Endless Love’ predictably great

I had a free weekend so I went to the nearest Redbox and rented “Endless Love,” the 2014 remake of a 1981 film by the same name.

This sappy love story piqued my interest when I saw it stars Alex Pettyfer as one of the star-crossed lovers.

The movie starts with a dramatic scene of Jade Butterfield graduating high school and the smooth deep voice of David Elliot talking about her from his point of view.

He lets the viewers know that she had lost her oldest brother a few years back and had been a shut-in ever since. She had no friends in school and had spent all of her time with her parents.

The plot line continues with learning that David has a secret past and seeing how privileged Jade is.

Jade invites David to a graduation party she is throwing at her house and their epic love affair takes off from there.

The movie is full of very sappy love scenes that you expect from every chick flick, just with a flare of edge to them.

The movie continues with David getting closer to Jade’s family and learning about a secret her father is keeping. With Jade’s father trying to keep them apart, their love just grows stronger and more reckless.

The movie comes to a head when Jade is forced to stay away from David and then, leaves for college. The viewers see the points of view from both Jade and David during this time and the misery they both feel.

Throughout the movie you see different relationships grow, as well as fall apart, which is refreshing to see in a love story.

As with all romantic films, the ending is predictable, but that’s the greatness of these movies.

This movie shows the viewers what it is like to really fight for love, even if it is a young love. It shows that love can withstand time, but also shows how fragile love is and how letting go can sometimes be for the best.

Rating: A

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