End the year with laughter

“At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities,” said Jean Houston.

We’ve reached that point in the semester when just about everyone feels frazzled and stretched beyond his or her limits.

We wish simultaneously that the semester would end quickly, but that we had just a few more days in which to get everything done.

As a student, it’s time to embrace the reality that you’ve done what you should have all through the semester or that you haven’t.

There is never a way to undo the past, so the best strategy now is to find a way to let yourself relax just a wee bit so that you can finish as well as possible.

For those of you who have been chugging along, going to class, and keeping up with tasks, your challenge now is to plan these last few days so that you get the maximum result from your efforts.

Be realistic about what you can accomplish, and focus your time and attention on those activities that will give you the greatest return.

Sometimes, “good enough” has to be good enough. Take care of your health the best that you can so you can finish without making yourself sick.

For those of you who just recently remembered that you enrolled in classes this semester, make peace with the fact that probably none of your professors will let you “catch up” in the waning hours of the semester.

I encourage you to talk to me or to an academic adviser to figure out ways to change this behavior.

Your future success depends on figuring out what your personal barriers are and how to get around them.

We, in Student Support Services, hope that you’ll take some time each day just to laugh about life and keep a positive perspective.

If you need some help, we’ll make faces for you!

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