Employment session to focus on using social media

Make Connections, Use Connections — an educational session about using social media and making local connections — will be held at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 12 in room CU2.

Jill Lindblad, Director of Graduation, Employment and Transfer Services at OCCC, will be speaking at the event and said it is part of the “GET” a job series.

“This seminar is about using social media to improve your marketability to get a job.

“I feel like I have enough experience and knowledge to share important and accurate information,” Lindblad said.

The discussions will include how to come off as “genuine” in a professional atmosphere, and how to utilize various social media, calling it “a powerful tool,” he said.

The obvious platform that most people think of is LinkedIn, but there are ways of using Facebook and Twitter “appropriately,” Lindblad said.

Oklahoma City is a small-big city, a place where your local connections are very useful in acquiring a local job, Lindblad said.

For more information, contact Lindblad at jlindblad@occc.edu, or by phone at 405-682-7589. For information about the GET a job series, visit http://www.occc.edu/get/job-fairs.html.

Image: sebi01/vecteezy.com

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