Each of UsMust Make a Better Effort to Listen

What you believe should never take priority over what is proven to be true. There has been a distinct shift in our society’s view of what is true and what is not. This may have something to do with the constant bombardment of information being blasted on news stations and radio stations.

One day you may hear one thing, and the next it’s a completely different story. I certainly cannot speak for every news organization, but I will say that we work very hard to preserve the truth.

Before the dawn of the internet, news outlets had more time to not only vet sources until they were iron clad, but also put together a more complete and accurate version of the truth. In the age of the internet everything is demanded at incredible speed on several different platforms. The amount of stress to not only put out information first, but also accurately, is stifling on a daily basis.

However, in my opinion, it is up to citizens of our society to do their part as well. When you hear a story it is your job to vet that story. Don’t blindly believe it because it matches your own personal beliefs. It’s okay for your beliefs to change on an issue. Talking with someone about a very hard subject that you both disagree on takes a lot of respect and willingness to listen. Chris (1)

If you believe something and someone challenges that belief, don’t immediately get offended. Do your research. Backup your belief. If your belief ends up being wrong, change it. Wrestle with it. Mull over it. Accept the truth. It’s your responsibility to not let your beliefs cloud your eyes. The Backfire Effect is a psychological theory. It says that when people are confronted with information that challenges their beliefs their beliefs actually get stronger. It’s important to fight this natural effect as much as we can. It’s okay to be proven wrong. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid or foolish. It just means you need to adapt to the changing information.

The poisonous and toxic division we have in this country stems from our inability to look at things from a different perspective. Even though this is specifically how we grow as people.

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