DIABLOG: Yelling at the hospital

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Well, grampa is in the hospital again, due to general weakness. His mind is a little off since he got pneumonia, and he still has it.

As long as he stays in the hospital, he will be fine I think…

We took him in for chemo today, and his doctor — the one that discharged him — said that he shouldn’t have been released, and promptly sent him back to the hospital with a room ready for him.

After we got to the hospital, we had to wait 10, 15 minutes until mom got fed up with having been forced to go through the admittance problem and raised a stink about it. We immediately got sent to the room that his doctor had told us… and there was no bed.

Cue more griping by my mother, and he gets sent two doors down to a fully kitted room.

After getting everything set up, and hooking him up to the room’s oxygen hose, he starts having a problem with water buildup in his nose.

Honestly, If you’re going to claim to be a hospital, you should not only hire competent staff, but get your facts straight. Without a constant supply of clean oxygen through the cannula, his lips turn blue, and he could die.

Get your shit straight! He’s my grampa!

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