DIABLOG: More grandpa shenanigans

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Grampa keeps pulling the picc line out of his arm, which is starting to severely piss off my mother. It could kill him, and he doesn’t know it because of the confusion he’s having.

He’s going to a skilled nursing center near my house, which is awesome. I can go visit him whenever I want now. If only we could get him to leave that damn line alone.

In gaming news, I’ve not done much in video games lately, but I’ve been playing a lot of “Magic: The Gathering.”

I like that game a lot, and my friends do as well, but the only issue that I’m having is that only Chris and Aaron build fast enough decks to keep up with my zombie deck.

I feel kinda bad for my other friends, because I started playing in a tournament environment, so I got used to building for blazing speed and extreme cruelty.

I can’t help it anymore, but I still enjoy my slow decks as well. Too bad it’s so hard to build them.

Have a safe Independence Day!

Seyren (Robert)

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