DIABLOG: More family stuff

Grampa’s had all his chemo treatments for this round, and he’s doing all right, though he’s itching like crazy and is having memory problems, but he has a nurse that takes care of him. He really likes the guy, too.

If that nurse can keep Grampa happy and healthy, I like him too!

I’ve not been playing very many video games lately, but I’ve been playing more “Star Wars,” and enjoying it somewhat.

I have no time, and I haven’t been able to get out very much because my mom and grandma keep going out every night to blow off steam. That’s fine though; somebody needs to watch the house, and they make it up to me in other ways.

Leigh is doing fine, by the way.

So to recap:

Grampa’s got the memory of a goldfish right now, Seyren’s not been playing too many games, and the girlfriend is over her head injury (she’s still weird though.)

Thanks for listening!

Seyren (Robert)

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