DIABLOG: A long week

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I accidentally blew up the Minecraft server again today, trying to regenerate the landscape in the area.

I hope that Jon doesn’t yell at me again, but I wasn’t trying to damage anything. It just happened.

On a happy note, I found a copy of Hyrule castle from “Twilight Princess,” and we put it in. Here’s where it is, and the creator has more stuff for you to try out!

In Diablo, I’ve actually managed to get over one million gold, and I almost have two. My character’s doing fine, and I’ve started working on my demon hunter again.

Outside of gaming news, it’s been one hell of a week for my personal life. My girlfriend got whacked by a beer bottle and needed stitches, and my grandfather has pneumonia.

I actually cried yesterday because of how worried I was about two of the most important people in my life.

Grandpa was going to start chemo today, but they are waiting until he gets over the pneumonia before they start poisoning him. How considerate!

If he survives the treatments, he will have another ten to twenty years left in him. I hope he’s strong enough to fight through the treatments.

My girlfriend has stitches in the back of her head because of that thrown beer bottle, and we were afraid she has a concussion. She doesn’t, but her head still hurts a lot around the cut.

Hopefully everything turns out alright though. I don’t want to bury another family member, and my princess will be fine regardless.


Seyren (Robert Bolton)

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