‘Darksiders’ sequel an improvement

The latest in the “Darksiders” franchise is an interesting game, to say the least. According to various websites, the original game was rushed heavily and lost some content, such as the RPG system.

The RPG system is experience, levels, items such as potions, quests, and weapon and armor upgrades.

The addition of these things makes the sequel to “Darksiders” much better in many ways than the original. Instead of having one weapon throughout the game with several unchanging subweapons, players are treated to several types of subweapons of various rarities that can be replaced with better weapons.


One of the new additions is haunted weapons which have no stats whatsoever, but you can essentially feed them your old gear until they gain a level.

Once the weapon gets that level, all current stats go up a little, and a new stat is added, such as more experience, more money, critical strike damage and critical strike chance to name a few.This of course makes it worth holding onto your old magical weapons.

Another addition to the “Darksiders” series is the inclusion of towns, or quest hubs. The player can go to town to buy supplies such as health and wrath potions as well as new weapons and armor. New moves are still obtainable from trainers, and Vulgrim is still floating around, overcharging for all of his wares.

The story is good thus far, dealing with Death trying to prove that War was innocent of breaking the seals in the original game. This leads to a wild chase through several realms as Death fights his way through an army of corruption.

Graphically, the game is as dark as expected: a game with Death as the main character is bound to have dark themes, though some of the landscapes are bright and actually quite pretty.

I’m rather fond of the second area myself.

In all, the game is really good, especially if you like role playing games as well as action games.

Rating: A

—Robert Bolton

Online Writer

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