Counselor’s Corner

As we begin another summer term, it’s hard to believe that 2010 is nearly halfway over. It seems like just last week, we were canceling classes due to ice. Now we’re staking out places to keep cool. If you’ve never taken summer classes before, know that they move quickly. There is hardly time in the day to look up or take a breather. Assignments and tests and projects whiz by at double time. Your best defense, then, is to have a good offense. Get off to a good start and just keep your momentum going.


The college has tremendous resources that can help you along the way, but you must be aware of them and seek them out. Obviously, we have our learning labs and the library which are scattered all around the campus. The people, the technology, and other materials in each area can help you reinforce what you’re learning in class. The thing is, you have to go there and ask for help. OCCC also pays for Smarthinking, an online real time tutorial program that can provide some relief when the campus is closed or you’re not able to be here.

If you’re taking an online class for the first time, it’s important that you log in and begin working on the first day of the semester. There is usually at least an introductory assignment on the first day just to make sure that you’re able to log in and get started. If you’re not sure about how to do that, or if you experience technical difficulty, let us know right away. The clock never stops ticking.

Don’t forget that Student Support Services also provides a variety of support. If you have a documented disability and may need an accommodation, come in and get that process started (Once the due date for a test or assignment is past, you can’t go back and get an accommodation for it).

If you currently work with our office, be sure to get the necessary documentation to your professors. If you’re concerned that your academic skills are not up to par, or if you experience some difficulty in a class, come in to speak with the learning specialist to learn some strategies that might be effective for you.

Lastly, if it feels as though life is beating you up, come see one of our licensed counselors. Sometimes, just the process of sharing your problems with someone can be enough to give you a new perspective. If necessary, you may be referred to resources in the community. Whatever your needs might be, we want to support you in your quest for success. Happy summer!

—Mary Turner
Learning Support Specialist

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