Cool collective comfy kicks

I consider myself a comfort connoisseur. I love being comfy. This is especially true when it comes to the shoes I wear. To channel my inner Dos Equis guy, I don’t always wear sneakers, but when I do, they better be the comfiest and best looking shoes out there. I’ve tried everything Nike has to offer, from their famous Flyknit trainers to the ever-so-popular Roshe Runs, and while those options were fine and dandy, I needed something more, and I wasn’t sure Nike would offer that.

shoeEnter the Adidas Ultra Boosts. These shoes have been receiving a ton of hype for a variety of reasons this year. For starters, Adidas branded the shoes as the “best running shoes ever.” High praise.

They’ve also very popular in men’s style, with Complex Magazine ranking them as the #1 sneaker released in 2015 and fashion trendsetter Kanye West wearing them daily. So, naturally, I had to pick myself put a pair and see what the hype was about. And, let me tell you, after traveling the world in mediocre footwear, I’ve finally found the holy grail of comfortability. They make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. I could wear them to sleep if i wanted to. I have a few times.

You don’t even have to tie them because they fit like socks. But, the selling point of these bad boys is the “boost technology” that Adidas uses, which is supposed to make running in them feel more responsive and comfortable. I labeled myself as a comfort connoisseur not a running expert, so I can’t confirm or deny that, due to the fact that I don’t run, I relax. And, from a relaxing standpoint, these are the best shoes I’ve ever owned in my entire life. They look great, too.

The design is really simple and minimal, which is something I love. While the price tag of $180 is a bit steep, it’s worth it considering it’s totally ended my hunt for the comfiest shoe. I’ve finally found my solemate. It’s truly a great feeling.

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