Computer misc – Grant Swalwell

September 18, 2015 Blogs, Former Pioneer Staff, Pioneer Blogs Print Print

Before electricity, people had to use other people for computers. These human-based computers still exist. They are called bureaucracies.

Experts agree that while a bureaucracy is usually more effective than nothing, shortfalls occur, ironically, usually having to do with user error.

People these days are like, “Wow, my two-year-old opened Angry Bird on the computer. He’s so smart. I’m such a good parent” — although that really just celebrates the engineers and programmers who made the game.

Hence why people think Apple devices are smarter. They give you fewer buttons, allowing less potential for error, a bit like one of those toys where you put the blocks in the right shape.

A bureaucracy has a similar caveat. A poorly designed one is hard to navigate. You don’t know how to give it instructions, you don’t know what it’s asking for and it’s usually confusing, just like a poorly designed computer.

Well-designed computers function like well-managed bureaucracies — there’s clarity. OCCC needs a software upgrade.

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