COMMUNITY | Campus group offers Bible studies as a refuge to refresh Christian club welcomes all

CCFThe Christians on Campus club is available to help students study as well as help their re­lationship with God, said club treasurer Nehemiah Kennedy.

“The most important thing in our lives is to know God and to love God, so that’s the primary goal in our club,” he said.

Kennedy said the club wants to help students be able to focus on their studies while at the same time, keeping a focus on their beliefs.

“As a student a lot of times you’re behind on a lot of things and study­ing so [the club] is just to help focus on God,” he said.

He said the club also helps stu­dents who plan to transfer to other universities make connections with others who can help them. He said Christians on Campus clubs are active at Oklahoma State University, University of Central Oklahoma, University of Oklahoma, and other out-of-state universities.

“A lot of people, when they go to a different university, don’t know anyone there, but there’s a lot of people we can connect them with for food, homes and studying,” he said.

Kennedy said the club holds Col­lege Conference each semester, a major event where Christians on Campus clubs from other schools meet.

They also meet on the OCCC campus for Bible studies each Monday and Tuesday.

“Every Monday night we have a ministry series called Solid Ground,” he said. “It’s a topical thing with 14 topics that we’re go­ing through this semester. Every week we cover a different topic. Whatever we cover on Monday night, that’s what we’ll [discuss] on Tuesday.”

Club member Daniel Mujuni said the Bible studies are im­portant.

“[It] gives students a refuge on campus during school and [helps] them refresh,” Mujuni said.

Kennedy said anyone is wel­comed to the club’s events.

“We’re not a specific church, so anyone who wants to come can come.”

Christians on Campus meet at noon every Monday in room AH 1C3 and at 12:30 p.m. every Tuesday in room AH 1C5.

The Solid Ground ministry series is 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. every Monday night in room 1X5 in the Main building.

For more information, contact the Christians on Campus club at christiansoncampus@my.occc. edu or Club President Kaie Huizar, at

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