Comm Lab now accepting applications for tutors

May 3, 2011 Latest Print Print

OCCC’s Communications Lab is an open opportunity for employment, where students can apply to become lab tutors.

“Tutors will be trained to help students with writing assignments,” said Rachel Olsen, lab supervisor. “Tutors also assist students with minor computer issues.”

There is limited space for new hires, Olsen said.

“Right now there are two to three spots open,” she said, with pay ranging from $8 to $8.50 an hour.

Olsen said there is pre-required knowledge and skills students should have before applying, as well as having completed English Comp I and II with a B or higher.

“Students should be able to demonstrate excellence in writing skills and knowledge of grammar, accurate filing skills, positive human relation skills, and excellent written communication skills,” she said.

Olsen said tutoring in the Comm Lab can help build basic know-how.

“It’s a great opportunity because tutors build academic writing skills, interpersonal communication skills, and organizational skills, all skills that employers like to see on a résumé,” she said.

Olsen said the Comm Lab is a lively place to be employed.

“It offers a fun, friendly and relaxing work environment, and the Comm Lab staff is great to work with because they are enthusiastic and creative.”

To apply for a job in the Comm Lab, visit or call Olsen at 405-682-1611, ext. 7142.

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