Comedian keeps laughs coming

Carrot Top had the audience rolling Monday, Oct. 21, with his show “Worth the Trip” at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Not being that familiar with the comic’s work, I was a little skeptical about attending his show. After a not-so-funny opening act from another comedian, I was prepared to be disappointed by the show ahead of me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After an introduction from the speakers overhead, Carrot Top came running on stage, dressed in jeans, sneakers, and oversized T-shirt, complete with his signature curly, red mess of a mop top.

Carrot Top then spent the next few minutes getting the crowd warmed up with a few jokes as well as publicly calling out people who arrived late to the show.

His 90-minute, high-energy show consisted of sound effects, props, photos, videos and music to go along with his hilarious parodies.

Nearly a dozen large boxes surrounded Carrot Top on stage, full of props he had created himself. From a cookbook for those who can’t cook (a list of restaurants from the yellow pages placed inside a Betty Crocker cookbook) to a redneck Kindle, Carrot Top ran non-stop through dozens of props that had audience members roaring with laughter.

While some of his jokes were somewhat inappropriate, most had me laughing so hard I almost cried.

The thing that makes Carrot Top so funny is how he literally make a joke out of anything and everything, especially current events. However, some of his funniest jokes weren’t about others but rather himself.

One that stuck out to me was when he showed a clip from when he came in as runner-up on the show Star Search. When the judge revealed the scores in number form, he was unsure who the winner was.

“I can’t do math so I had no idea if I had won or not so I kinda just stood there smiling.”

Carrot Top made many jokes about the Luxor, the hotel I stayed at, saying how the maids must hit their heads on the wall as they clean each day due to the pyramid shape of the hotel.

More than once, he made fun of Criss Angel (who also has residency at the Luxor), telling how he got downgraded in his hotel room because “Criss Angel is the greatest magician in the world so he gets a better room.” Carrot Top then in a sarcastic, spiteful tone said, “It’s actually in my contract that I can’t do magic. Only Criss gets to do magic.’”

Before his final minutes on stage, an alarm went off, the overhead lights in the audience rose and a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey came down in a bucket from the ceiling. Then, Carrot Top handed out shots to those in the first few rows.

A few minutes later after saying goodbye, Carrot Top returned one last time for an encore in which he performed a hilarious parody of different bands and musicians.

I enjoyed Carrot Top a lot more than I expected to. While not appropriate for younger people (you have to be 18 to attend the show), the content as well as the pace of the show kept me entertained. His interaction with the audience throughout the show was impressive as well as his ability to make up some of his jokes on the spot.

Carrot Top’s show was the perfect way to leave Vegas, as a lot of his content summed up my time there to a T. If you like to laugh, I highly recommend adding Carrot Top to your must-see list the next time you find yourself in Vegas. Rating: A

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