College students should dress like adults not tricks

Coming back to the college for a new semester, I am sure we will all see someone whose clothing, or lack thereof, will make you think, “Should the college have a dress code?” I am here to further myself as an individual through education. Some seem to be using the college as their personal fashion runway.

To be taken seriously, I feel that we as students need to be aware of the image we are presenting.


When I see a student whose dress is in actuality a shirt and covers none of the essential parts, I don’t take her seriously as a student.

If we had a dress code, I’m not talking about white button ups and khaki slacks but a dress guideline for campus, I feel that it would be conducive to our overall appearance as serious students.

After all what are we here for? To gain an education and a respectability for a future career? We are not in high school anymore.

College is about you as a person, not the daring clothing you wear or how hot you are.

I think a dress code would bring an earnest image back to the college and its students. Are your cut off booty shorts really suitable for a college campus or anywhere for that matter?

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