College opens Vice President of Academic Affairs search to public viewing

For almost two hours Friday OCCC staff and faculty were able to do something not done for more than 20 years–witness a forum featuring candidates for a vice president position and hear them share their views about a host of issues.

The candidates, are Dr. Vincent Bridges (OCCC), Dr. Max Simmons (OCCC), Dr. Makenna Green-Garrison (OCCC), Dr. Gregory South, of Clovis Community College (New Mexico), Dr. Fabian Vega from Hudson Valley Community College and Dr. Carl Bridges from Midwestern Career College in Chicago.

After they introduced themselves, each took part in answering different questions posed to them by a human resources representative.

After four rounds of questions, the more than 140 viewers were asked to answer a survey asking who they would recommend for the position.

They were also given the opportunity to send in comments about their choice or who wasn’t their choice.

The Pioneer will relay the questions and the answers this coming week.