Club looks at religious thinking

AAF logoThe Club and Organizations Fair was a success, drawing more than 450 students to club tables to sign up, said Student Life Coordinator Kendra Fringer.

The fair, which took place on Aug. 25 and 26, featured 15 different clubs for students to explore, Fringer said.

One of those clubs just formed in the spring — the Agnostics, Atheists and Freethinkers club.

Trey Gourley, English education major and AAF president, said his club received more signups than they initially expected.

“The club had about 23 people sign up, which was more than we expected,” he said. “I thought there would be about 10, tops.”

He said most people who approached the AAF table were friendly and inquisitive.

“Some people still wanted to quasi-debate with us,” Gourley said. “They were cordial, at least.”

He said, mainly, the club focuses on holding seminars for atheist discussion, but also is trying something new this semester called “inter-faith discussions.”

“We call it Socrates Cafe,” he said.

“We pick a thought experiment from [the book] ‘The Pig That Wants to be Eaten’ and just discuss it.”

Gourley said the goal of the interfaith discussions is not just healthy debate and critical thinking, but also to maybe take religious argument out of context.

“The discussions aren’t specifically involving any one religion,” he said.

“The book … presents 100 scenarios for the reader to consider and answer.”

The interfaith discussions are very philosophical, and kind of pick up the slack from the recently dissolved philosophy club, Gourley said.

He said the club, in its second semester of existence, is looking to build upon a successful first semester.

Fringer said for those who missed the fair this time around or didn’t find what they were looking for, there will be another one during the spring semester.

“The purpose of the fair is to expose students to all the different groups here at the college and hopefully, help them find one that fits them,” she said.

For more information about campus clubs, contact Student Life at 405-682-7523.

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