Class is in Session

11_09_02_student_Enrollment_2011.jpg-300x200Fall brings a mob to this school. The doors never finish closing, the lines are long, concierges do their best to combat the bureaucracy, misinformation and lack of procedural candor. A lot of people are filled with hope and apprehension as they try college for the first time, or again. A lot of them won’t finish, a lot won’t pass, even fewer will come back, even fewer will graduate, fewer still go get their bachelor’s degree.

The institutional waste of this institution has much more to do with students giving up than exorbitant salaries and redundancies. How many more students would be here if it wasn’t for the help desk limbo? Who never finished enrolling because their financial aid was messed up? Impossible to quantify but anecdotally and empirically noticeable. Either way the weather is looking up and vacation time is over.

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