Celebrating life with a wide array of deli meats

Endorsements come hard from a shrewd consumer such as myself, but I continue to be charmed by the Mediterranean Deli and Import on NW May Ave.

When buying things by weight and bagging it yourself, or even having it bagged, one can save something like 25 percent depending on what you’re buying. If you start paying attention to the price to weight ratio you’ll notice this pattern around a lot.

roast hamThe deli has a legit deli counter with unimaginable meats and cheeses from a variety of well cultured nations across the Atlantic ocean.

Given the wares and area, their prices are better than they should be. And being a poor college student, price comes first, but being a born and raised ‘foodie’ I do in fact live to eat.

Scientists say you will spend several years of your life eating, so it is important to do it well, for spiritual and purely metabolic reasons.

People who are obsessed with nutrition are usually trying to fill a void in their empty, gluten free lives. But with the sort of cooking you can do with products from the deli. There is no need to sacrifice your standing as a human being for small decreases in fat content.

I feel at peace as I guffaw, ooh and ahh at the delicious things found among the shelves.

While I enjoy all ethnic supermarkets, Super Cao-Nguyen, El-Mariachi, Sweiss, – the deli brings me back to my childhood and my father buying delicious hams at the deli. Ham was an important part of my childhood because of the deli, and it can be part of yours too

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