‘Carrie’ not the scare you seek

If you’re looking for a scare, the 2013 version of “Carrie” isn’t what you’re looking for.

Based off of the  book by Stephen King, “Carrie” was first brought to the big screen in 1976 with Sissy Spacek in the lead role.

“Carrie” is about a woman by the name of Margaret White, and her daughter Carrie, born out of wedlock. In opening scenes, Margaret gives birth to Carrie alone in her house, and immediately feels something is not right with her baby. Margaret decides to murder her child but after looking into Carrie’s eyes, she changes her mind.

Fast forward to Carrie’s high school years where she is constantly bullied by her fellow classmates. When an incident happens at Carrie’s school, her mother is called to pick her up. Immediately we see Carrie is panicked over the fact her mother has been called and we see Carrie is frightened. Later on, we see a water jug mysteriously explode in the principal’s office, setting the scene for a number of similar incidents.

Back at home, deeply religious Margaret starts quoting bible verses to Carrie and refuses to answer any of Carrie’s questions or listen to any of her concerns about the bullying at school.

Carrie’s mother then tells her to go pray in her closet and beg for forgiveness. Carrie, not having done anything wrong, refuses to go into the small closet surrounded by crucifixes of Jesus. This closet is very frightening to Carrie and she is shoved into it anyway, despite her pleas.

After a few days, Carrie gets very angry at her mother and discovers that she has some sort of telepathic powers and is able to make her mother fear her, claiming that Carrie is the devil. After researching her powers in the library, Carrie discovers she’s a lot more powerful than she thought.

Eventually, Carrie exacts revenge, wreaking havoc on the entire town.

I was told to watch the original “Carrie” first, but I figured there wasn’t going to be much of a difference in the storyline and at least in the newer version, the special effects would be improved. I was wrong. “Carrie” isn’t scary in the least. There aren’t any scenes where I jumped or felt like I had to close my eyes.

This movie seems only to focus on the supernatural aspect of the film and not the actual horror it was supposed to have. There was blood and violence, but it wasn’t the scare I was looking for.

“Carrie,” available on Netflix, is rated R for anyone who still has the desire to watch it.

Rating: D

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