Career Services website has a lot to offer

Practical tips on everything from what to wear to a job interview, to how to write a cover letter to accompany a resume are offered in one- to three-minute videos on the Student Employment and Career Services website.

Many students are unaware of what the website has to offer, said Dr. Debra Vaughn, director of Student and Employment Career Services.

These videos are located in the right column of the page located at

In the category “Interview Dress,” there is a quick video called “Interview Dress for Women.”

Cariann Hughes, a student who watched this video before going to an interview, said she gleaned important information from it.

“This video was extremely helpful,” she said. “It gives a lot of tips that most women would not know before going into an interview. The links on OCCC’s website really helped me in preparing for my interview. I learned to wear minimal jewelry and to cover tattoos.”

This year is the second year for the Student Employment and Career Services website to have career advice videos, Vaughn said.

Categories include starting a job search, resumes and cover letters, networking and your personal brand, internships, interview-BEFORE, interview dress, during interviews, after interviews, salary and negotiations and social media and job search.

Many of the videos have transcripts to go with them.

“We try and put many helpful links on our website because we want to help our students succeed as much as possible,” Vaughn said. “You can find valid information through all of our resources.”

In addition to the career advice videos, the website offers other helpful content.

Optimal Resumes is a link that helps students build a strong resume.

U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook allows students to research jobs for any major.

Greater Grads College Student Internships is a website that gives information about paid and unpaid internships.

OCCC Nursing Jobs Resource Center tells what jobs are offered to nurses after college.

The website also provides information on workshops, job fairs and more.

Student Emily Smith said she discovered helpful information just by looking around the website.

“One cool thing I found when exploring the website was the link ‘From Majors to Jobs,’” she said. “It gave me many options of what direction I can go with my major, which is advertising.”

Vaughn said she encourages busy students to check out the Student Employment and Career Services website for job-hunting help.

She said individuals who prefer a more human touch should come into the office on the first floor of the Main building to meet with a career counselor in person. No appointment is needed.

For more information on the website and what it has to offer, visit or email Vaughn at

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