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The OCCC Career Services department offers many resources to help students land jobs on and off campus, even after graduation. The Student Employment and Career Services Guide is one of the many resources OCCC has to offer. This guide offers information on various topics from how to write a cover letter to lunch and dinner etiquette, and more.

Debra Vaughn, director of Student Employment Services, said she has worked in the Career Services department for six years.

“We want this to be a great resource for students,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn mentioned five tips students should consider when entering the corporate world.


Tip #1: Filling out a job application: On page 1 of the guide is a list of job application tips. This page includes what is recommended and what to avoid in the “reasons for leaving a job” section on a job application and other tips such as checking spelling and grammar.

“The way you fill out an application matters,” Vaughn said. “The interview has started with the application.”

Tip #2: The strength of your resume: Pages 2 through 5 offer resume advice, explaining the differences between the three types of resumes: Chronological, Functional and Combination. Examples of resumes are provided.

Tip #3: Professional business etiquette: Page 10 offers 20 social and etiquette skills to follow when entering the corporate world.

Tip #4: Proper dress when interviewing for a job: The proper way to dress during an interview for both men and women can be found on pages 13 through 17. The guide describes acceptable clothing and accessories and what to avoid, as well as a pictorial demonstration on how to tie a neck tie.

Tip #5: Social Networking: Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are among many ways an employer can look up possible candidates for a job.

“Employers will look you up,” Vaughn said.

Student Brandy Anderson also agrees.

“Many companies will utilize social networking to gain a better understanding of the lifestyle on potential canidates,” Anderson said.

Page 26 of the guide, informs students about the positive and negative aspects of social networking sites. Examples can be found on what is considered acceptable.

Copies of the Student Employment and Career Services Guide can be found on campus in the Main Building in the Career Services department.

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