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Buyback comes at bad time for students

During finals week, a lot is weighing on students’ minds: homework, tests, and that forgotten library book checked out sometime around spring break.

With so much already on their plates, students worrying about whether they will receive money back for their used textbooks shouldn’t have to be an added concern.


But every semester it is, as the OCCC bookstore holds book buyback smack dab in the middle of finals week.

Because the bookstore doesn’t accept textbooks after they have purchased their quota of certain titles, students are presented a difficult choice: sell their books early, when they might still need them for studies, or wait until they are finished with them and potentially miss out on cash.

Although that extra $40 or $50 may not seem like much, it could mean the difference between a student returning to college the next semester or not.

Students pay good money — sometimes into the hundreds — for their textbooks, and usually aren’t given much in return.

The very least the bookstore could do is either accept all textbooks, regardless of how many they have already received, or not begin book buyback until the week after finals.

If the bookstore is worried about students not being on campus the week after school ends, the buyback period could always start on the very last day of the semester, when most classes have either ended or are on their last day.

Then again, there is always Textbook Brokers across the street — but according to the posters displayed in the bookstore window, students shouldn’t sell their books to strangers.

At least those strangers won’t turn their paying customers away because their inventory is too full.