‘Burlesque’ moves better saved for concert

Dancing showgirls, a cat and mouse romance, and a recycled plot adds up to a cinematic travesty.

Or, in the words of “Express” by Christina Aguilera: “this is burlesque.”

“Burlesque” is a romance mixed with humor that tells of a small town girl seeking the riches of showbiz.

After leaving home and seeking out her fame, Ali (Aguilera) finds hope in a dance club called Burlesque. The ride is not smooth for the up-and-coming dancer/singer.

Jealous dancers, a shaky affection for her roommate Jack (Cam Gigandet), and the risk of the club going bankrupt are just a few hurdles she faces.

In the end however, she finds love, fame and friends at Burlesque.

The movie creator’s first mistake is revealing the movie’s main plot too early.

In the first thirty minutes, viewers know all they need to know about this “Coyote Ugly” meets “Chicago” movie. This allowed viewers to accurately guess the ending and removed any suspense or longing that a good movie instills. Another mistake was using music to replace acting.

With small acting parts, Aguilera, who plays burlesque dancer in training Ali, proves in her first movie that her skills are best saved for her concerts. Furthermore, it seems the creators used outlandish musical numbers to substitute for substantial acting and cover up amateur acting.

Also, the movie does not do justice to Cher (Burlesque owner and dancer Tess) who has proven to be not only a master vocalist but an adept actor. However, in this movie, she took a backseat to the less experienced Aguilera.

On the other hand, from a choreography point of view, the movie was a success. the dance numbers were well thought out and proved that both Cher and Aguilera were in their natural element.

If this was a concert event, Burlesque would earn a thumbs up. Sadly it was not and moviegoers may want to wait until the movie is available at the store or on Netflix.

Rating: C

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