Bright headlights hazardous, not helpful

car with bright headlights

Let’s be honest and agree that headlights are a necessity. It’s dangerous to drive in the dark. They also are there to let other drivers know you are there, sharing the road with them.

But super sonic, black hole defying, blinding headlights? I am most definitely questioning the safety in those high-definition, cataract-causing lights.

The new LED and SilverStar headlights border on excessive.

I understand the desire to want to be more aware of surroundings and to see better, but blatantly blinding all those who pass seems a tad bit extreme.

I am getting headlight stunned more and more, and I’m not sure how much longer my eyes can take it.

It feels like I am the deer with the wide eyes watching that light at the end of the tunnel getting closer and closer. And, just like the deer, I’m met with the sounds of horns to get me back on my side of road after being blinded by blistering, brilliant lights. My goodness.

And those aren’t even on bright. If they are, then there are a lot of mean drivers out there, or it could just be they are the ones with cataracts and want to make everyone else suffer.

These lights are not just nocturnal either. Even driving around at high noon I am suffering from those lights.

If your headlights are bright enough to outshine the sun, then NASA, we have a problem.

There are ways to see at night and be courteous to other drivers. Smoke them, haze them, or just get ones that aren’t going to make others see spots after passing each other on the road.

Headlights are a safety feature for everybody on the road, but how safe are they if they’re too bright for other drivers to see the road they are driving on?

Be nice, be kind and don’t blind.

Rating: D

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