Breaks are crucial to productivity

During finals I noticed that my already miniscule personal time, zapped to zero.

One afternoon after I had gotten, per say, caught up on homework. I spent the rest of the day doing nothing of importance.

I watched a movie, read some of a book, played with my kids and took a nap. The rest of that week I was able to accomplish so much.

I felt so energized! So I guess you are wondering what is my point?

Take a break! It is so easy to get caught up in all the “To Do’s” and run yourself down.

Don’t forget, breaks seem like a waste of time, but in the end, they maximize your production. Without them, you get so used up, there is nothing left to give.

Taking needed free time can refresh your mind and body.

I tried to get through this spring semester putting off any time for myself, always pushing it out toward summer. As a wife, mother and student, I often became so exhausted that I couldn’t function.

I wonder how different this semester would have been if I would have taken time for myself here and there. Would I have been less stressed? I think so.

So I am urging you to be time conscious. Homework won’t do itself but remember, you have personal needs.

Don’t wait for summer to kick up your feet and relax. Don’t neglect yourself in the hopes of doing better. It doesn’t work!

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