BREAKING: Faculty Survey asks if VPs should resign and who’s caused ‘low morale’ on campus

While on break between terms, at least one person claiming to be a faculty member was working on special project. They were sending out a survey to colleagues about the culture of OCCC, if vice presidents should resign or be terminated, and who is the cause of historically low morale at the college.

The survey comes days after Political Sciences Professor Markus Smith released a video explaining how he said he was targeted and discriminated against during his time working at OCCC.

The survey, which was sent to dozens of faculty, asked 10 questions and states one vice president had purchased a home with a professor under their direct supervision. It states the couple is living in the home together in a romantic relationship.

The survey asks if the two living together is nepotism.

A statement released Friday by OCCC’s Human Resources department indicates the answer to the question about nepotism should be answered No.

“We are aware of a survey being distributed to employees that references OCCC’s nepotism policy. OCCC confirms through its Vice President for Human Resources and its General Counsel that there are no violations of OCCC’s nepotism policy of which it is aware. Any concerns may be directed to Human Resources,” the statement reads.

The Pioneer has not been able to verify the claim about the Vice President nor the faculty member, so has chosen not to provide names.

Only four of the 10 questions asked in the survey

The survey does name Provost Jeremy Thomas in asking if he should be the next president of OCCC.

It also names Executive Vice President Greg Gardner, and asks if he is “One of the causes of low morale at OCCC”. As well, faculty are asked to reply if Gardner should be able to continue working at OCCC in any capacity.

Yet another question asks if outgoing President Jerry Steward is “the primary cause of the low morale at OCCC?”

The survey was sent as an email to faculty members. And the sender, who asked for anonymity, said they would release results twice a day.

“I plan to reveal myself and share these results to the college newspaper, to social media, and to the Leadership Team at a future listening session,” the sender said.

in an email to the Pioneer, the sender of the survey said they will also release the results of the survey twice a day.

This is a continuing story.