Braum’s bag of burgers disappointing

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I was recently informed about a $5-for-5 burger special at Braum’s.

I was in a rough place financially in my life so I decided to give these burgers a shot.

I bought the bag of burgers along with a medium Coke, which came out to $6.87. For five burgers and a soda, it seemed fair.

In a world that’s always focusing on quantity, I was hoping to find some quality in these five burgers but, boy, was I wrong.

The Braum’s website implies that these presumably-decent patties are to have lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions but that’s when everything went south—literally.

The burgers I received were very, well, not decent.

The patties themselves were not as flavorful or enticing as the menu’s pictures had implied to my growling stomach.

It turns out that I did not ask for the “deluxe” bag of burgers but instead received the “junior” bag of burgers, which simply included pickles and ketchup on a patty without cheese.

The only distinct flavors were the salty ketchup and sour pickles, a combination I’m not quite fond of, which somehow gave the burgers a more desirable taste.

In fact, the patty really had no taste. It was very dry and bland — just like my sense of humor.

With the first bite, I noticed how the bread and meat became a mysterious blend of the exact same flavor and texture.

Though the burgers were not completely satisfying in taste, they satisfied my hunger and made me feel a little closer to death.

Even with five burgers in a bag, I still had a desire for some french fries. French fries could have been a game changer but there were none to be found.

Overall, the $5-for-5 Bag of Burgers special was a very unfulfilling experience. Maybe if I had gotten the deluxe burgers for around $5 more it could have been different or better but I didn’t and it wasn’t.

Rating: D

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