Blood needed after snowstorms

The Oklahoma Blood Institute will be on campus from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 16, and Thursday, Feb. 17, in the College Union.

Leslie Gamble, Oklahoma Blood Institute Community Relations director, said donations are desperately needed at this time.

“The storm we had last week has caused us to issue a blood emergency,” Gamble said.

She said the snowstorm in early February caused many blood drives to be canceled and kept donors away from donation centers.

Jill Lindblad, Service Learning and Student Life Programs coordinator, said while it’s not necessary to schedule an appointment to donate at the upcoming drive, donors are able to sign up for specific times to suit their own schedules.

She said the goal for the February blood drive is at least 80 donors between the two days.

Students, staff and faculty are all encouraged to participate.

Gamble said the entire donation process usually takes about an hour from start to finish. This includes paperwork, screening and the donation.

“Typically, the time the needle is in your arm is about 20 minutes or less,” Gamble said.

She said donors’ bodies replace the single pint that is taken in roughly 24 hours and can donate every 56 days.

“We want people to have eaten well before they donate,” Gamble said.

Light snacks provided at the blood drive.

Participants are also rewarded for their time and donation.

“This winter, we have fleece gloves that go with the weather,” Gamble said.

To schedule an appointment in advance, stop by the Student Life office in the Main Building.

More information about the Oklahoma Blood Institute and other opportunities to donate can be found online at


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