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Bigger issues at hand than Weiner’s text-ploits

On June 6, Congressman Anthony Weiner made a public admission to sending lewd photos in texts, having affairs, and then lying to the media to cover up his behavior.

In true American political fashion, everyone and their dog has stepped out to condemn him and call for his resignation — but not because of the affairs.

Weiner is being asked to resign because of the images and text messages.

Everyone carries a computer in his or her pocket these days in the form of a cell phone.

Even the smallest and most limited of these devices can function as a camera for both still photos and videos, link to various social media sites, and offer an unrivaled opportunity to stay connected to the rest of the world.

Inevitably, there is a growing trend toward using these pocket computers the same way we use our desktops and laptops: for relationships, both romantic and intimate.

The latter commonly involves what’s known as “sexting,” sending SMS messages or pictures of a sexual nature. And sexting is a widespread phenomenon.

Anyone who’s ever sent a message asking their honey to hurry home for intimate reasons has sexted.

Anyone who’s ever taken a photo of him or herself shirtless and shared it from their phone has sexted.

Thousand of teens across the nation sext every day, and the trend is expanding every day to include both a greater number of individuals of all ages, and more explicit material.

This writer is firmly of the opinion that Congress is the real life equivalent of the infinite monkeys theory, except there’s almost no chance we’ll get “Hamlet” out of them.

But to fire a congressman for engaging in a practice that is socially widespread seems ridiculous.What Rep. Weiner does in his personal time is personal. An investigation is under way to ensure that Weiner didn’t use any government resources for personal reasons; as long as it comes up clean, there really isn’t any good reason that he shouldn’t keep his job.

And aren’t there far bigger issues for our politicians to worry about than whether yet another of their number has become involved in a sex scandal?

Anthony Weiner has admitted he did a dumb thing. Now, would Congress please get back to the important business of attempting to run the nation?