Badminton season set to take flight

Around campus there have been no previous reports of airborne shuttlecocks, but that is all about to change, Sports Assistant Matthew Wright said.

Intramural badminton is set to begin on Tuesday, Oct. 28, Wright said. And the world’s fastest racket sport , according to, will see its season here played out in the gymnasium until Tuesday, Nov. 18.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines badminton as “a game in which a light feathered object (called a shuttlecock, bird or birdie) is hit over a net by players using light rackets.”

Badminton is said to be the world’s second most popular sport by BBC news, falling behind only soccer in terms of participation.

Wright said he intends to keep this season lighthearted and leave some decisions up to the participants.

“We’ll see what people want when they sign up,” he said.

Wright said, the deadline for intramural badminton registration is Monday, Oct. 27. OCCC’s students, faculty and staff may register for free at

“I’ve never even played badminton myself,” Wright said.

He said he’s adapted the rules of other school’s badminton tournaments for OCCC’s intramurals.

He said badminton matches are decided in the best of three games, each played to 21 points. A point is scored on every serve and players must win by at least two points to complete a game, Wright said.

He said participants are encouraged to bring their own rackets but some will be available for checkout at the wellness center if needed. Shuttlecocks, otherwise known as birdies, will be provided for games, said Wright.

Rules, details and registration for badminton and all OCCC’s intramural sports are available at

For more information visit OCCC’s recreation and fitness office or contact Matthew Wright at

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