‘Bad Teacher’ makes the grade

“Bad Teacher” is a risqué hit where a beautiful woman wreaks havoc on a middle school.

There’s no hint of how nasty Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz) can be when you first see her tucked into a dreary field of other teachers, standing out with her joyous persona — but not for long.

As her true colors begin to show, her filthy rich fiancé and his mother notice. She is dumped and left with what she had when she met him: nothing.

Elizabeth, who smugly spouted on her last day of teaching before her nuptials that she would not teach again, is back at Jams middle school for another eventful school year.

She definitely does not bring her “A” game but she does bring the mini bar and plenty of pot.


She sleeps during class and shows movies. Ms. Squirrel (Lucy Punch), one of the top teachers at the school, is not impressed with this type of behavior.

Elizabeth is simply looking for a meal ticket, not a career or the attention of some deadbeat gym teacher, Russell (Jason Segal), whose advances she dodges.

When the handsome, wealthy new teacher in the hall, Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), arrives, Elizabeth suddenly becomes more involved with her students — and with wanting a larger chest size.

“Bad Teacher” posseses zero morals and many of the jokes have a raunchy punch line. However, the movie keeps theatergoers laughing.

Elizabeth’s main goal is to get a boob job and become Mrs. Delacorte.

This is not the movie that will change a person’s life, teach a lesson, or make a person feel warm and fuzzy.

This movie does do what most movies lately have not: show the lives of the characters without portraying them to be anything they are not, especially something along the lines of an upstanding citizen.

Rating: A+

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